Two New Exhibits Opening in April, 2016:

Hacking Hitler’s Code with Actual World War II Military Encryption/Decryption Hardware on display including an original German Enigma Machine.

What the Trout Said with current Fly Fishing technology displays. See fly tying & fly fishing artifacts used by the world famous author on fly fishing, Datus C. Proper.


Enigma machine image from the National Cryptologic Museum. German WWII  U-Boat image from the Library of Congress

Permission to use the book tile by Datus C. Proper, What the Trout Said -  has been given to the American Computer Museum by Anna Collins-Proper


Man on the Moon

The Journey to Selfies, Texting, Tweets & Apps

NASA image

A World Premier Museum Exhibit Celebrating 50+ years of NASA space programs & how they made our Personal Tech & Social Networking possible. Featuring Original NASA Hardware including Apollo Moon Mission Program Items Never Before Displayed in Public.


Some of our Treasures of Innovation© on Display:

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